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Still more impressive, however, is that during KME classes, the number of parallels between what Raz teaches and what I learned from this book are staggering.  Some of the countermeasures that he, Rachel, and Mark demonstrated against armed attacks in the workshop were familiar to me thanks to this book, and that only served to fuel the enthusiasm when practicing them.  The difference was that Raz explained them in significantly more detail and with deeper reasoning.  It just goes to show that those with serious experience in military combat and real-word defense scenarios tend to share a lot of important core principles.  This realization - not to mention all the insights our instructors have given and the measures they have taught that are not found in texts such as these - provides a very clear understanding of how fortunate we all are to have the privilege of training under Raz and his crew.  They deserve their reputation completely, and I would not sacrifice this training experience for anything.  My sincere gratitude and respects to all of you.

Louis Stanley

Raz is an incredibly passionate teacher with an ability to both challenge and empowers his students on and off the mat. It is a whole-body strengthening experience to learn from him. A city such as New York is very fortunate to have his teaching available as a resource to its citizens. For the Krav Maga skills taught equip students with both a mental readiness and physical ability to engage if necessary in any form of injustice or trauma. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity he provides to grow as an individual and fighter!

Callie Duty

I am thrilled to recommend Raz Chen when you learn the self-defense technique. He is an expert of Krav Maga, which is an Israeli self-defense system. He is a great instructor. I have a pleasure of taking his class every time. In the class I was continuously impressed by his knowledge about fighting. His personality is very responsible, patient and creative. He is always empowering students physically and mentally. Also his supervision for safety training is remarkable. His classes are filled with lots of energy, lots of useful technique, and lots of motivation. His professional self-defense acumen is immensely valuable. I am highly confident in my recommendation of Raz Chen.

Takashi Yoshihara


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