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Question: Will I know how to fight if I do Krav Maga?

You will know how to avoid a fight.

You will know how to be aware to avoid danger. You will know how to de-escalate situations. And yes, you will learn how to spar.

We use sparring for many other reasons, but one of the most primary ones is that if you can’t avoid and de-escalate, and someone has attacked you, you need to know how to defend against the attack and how to make sure they aren’t trying again.

If they violated your boundaries, they are not likely to stop unless you make them stop and that means hurting them enough to make them unable to continue.

That doesn’t mean killing them. That means hurting them enough that you have time to get away or attacking you becomes too painful. My friend Alon Dagan said it very well. “You need to be willing to hurt them more than they are willing to hurt you.”

But just to fight to fight?


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