Making Online Classes Count

A few tips I can offer: 

  1. Turn off all distractions possible. Put your phone away. You do it during class normally on the mat. Unless you know there could be an emergency, put it in another room.

  2. Dedicate a clear Krav space for yourself. Even if it’s just a few feet, make it a place free of distractions.

  3. Accept it’s a struggle. Training online is difficult, for many reasons and you need to accept you are training at a higher level and it’s going to take effort to adjust and overcome the challenge. If you are training the best you can, you’re doing great and making progress.

  4. Be grateful for the struggle. One thing I try to do in class is up the pressure on situations, to break you out of your comfort zone. The practice of staying focused in a new environment that is not specifically designed for training is an amazing skill to develop and shouldn’t be wasted.

  5. Set goals for yourself. There is plenty of room for improvement in all of us. Work on your weaknesses and the basic techniques, work on your fight stance and footwork. Work on making sure your strikes are technically correct and efficient. (If you need personal feedback, feel free to reach out to the instructors, we can definitely advise you).

  6. Have fun. Krav Maga is hard work, but it’s also enjoyable playtime. When you watch babies playing, they play without wondering how they look. No one is evaluating you but your instructor, so stop being self-conscious and see it as a game. Laugh at your mistakes and try again, leaving your ego behind.

  7. Set aside training time. I like students to come to class at least 10 minutes before so that they can get into the proper mindset. Since the commute is much shorter, take a few minutes before class to get into the mindset. Here are some ways to get into the mindset:

Sit for 1 minute and become aware, remember why you do what you do. 

 Do 4 min of easy mobility drills to get your whole body aware and prepared for training. 

Do 2 min of cardio like jumping jacks, jump rope, mountain climbers, and rapids to get your muscles ignited.

One day, we'll be back here. But till then...keep training.

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