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Alon and Raz teach and emphasize the importance of group work in combatting an Active Shooter. The class works and fights together and everyone comes to each other’s aid if necessary. Skills like dragging a fellow co-worker out of danger are taught as is protecting a loved one from a threat by fighting an aggressor, and when the perpetrator is neutralized grabbing your loved one to take them to safety. Their instructions were very clear, precise and empowering. Neither instructor hesitated at any point or give the impression of not being completely sure of what they were doing. Every action they wanted the class to perform was done with confidence that the participants could do it. They exuded confidence and in turn, the KME practitioners responded in kind.

New York Times

The second trainer’s name was Raz. He was a good deal younger than Serge, somewhere in his mid-20s, and he came from Israel, where he had been a military krav maga instructor. Raz, or so I thought at first, was more lenient than Serge; he concentrated more on technique, and so his training sessions seemed less strenuous.

That initial impression proved mistaken. Raz challenged me on occasion in a way that segued imperceptibly into harassment. He derived pleasure from sitting on top of me, or maybe he felt it was necessary for training purposes. Then he would concentrate on the hook. He would say things like: “The hook is very simple. Just act as if you are stirring a soup, you stir and you stir and then you punch.”

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If you don't trust us, trust Raz Chen, one of the instructors at Krav Maga Experts in New York City.

"We try to make it as real as possible," he says, and he's not playing games.

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