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Raz Chen is an Expert level II Instructor at Krav Maga Experts in New York City, with multiple certifications from the Sports Academy in Israel, and Wingate Institute. A former special operations infantry combatant and  Senior military Krav Maga instructor, Raz has taught over 10,000 soldiers, including top special forces and counter-terrorism units, K9, and US Marines. He currently teaches classes and seminars for army, police, and civilians in topics like counter-terrorism, rape prevention, Krav Maga instructor certification, Krav Maga combat and fitness, and his own created class, Element, focusing on balance, movement, and body awareness.


"We must always be aware of our surroundings. Mindfulness is key. The first step to protecting ourselves is being aware of who and what is around us."

Raz Chen


I am thrilled to recommend Raz Chen when you learn the self-defense technique. He is an expert of Krav Maga, which is an Israeli self-defense system. He is a great instructor. I have a pleasure of taking his class every time. In the class I was continuously impressed by his knowledge about fighting. His personality is very responsible, patient and creative. He is always empowering students physically and mentally. Also his supervision for safety training is remarkable. His classes are filled with lots of energy, lots of useful technique, and lots of motivation. His professional self-defense acumen is immensely valuable. I am highly confident in my recommendation of Raz Chen.

Takashi Yoshihara

Raz is an incredibly passionate teacher with an ability to both challenge and empower his students on and off the mat. It is a whole body strengthening experience to learn from him. A city such as New York is very fortunate to have his teaching available as a resource to its citizens. For the Krav Maga skills taught equip students with both a mental readiness and physical ability to engage if necessary in any form of injustice or trauma. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity he provides to grow as an individual and fighter!

Callie Duty

Raz Chen is an exceptionally skilled and experienced Krav Maga instructor. He teaches a holistic approach to self-defense that emphasizes physical power reinforced by a strong mindset. Raz’s expertise in the Krav Maga discipline is matched only by his dedication to and concern for his students’ progress. I highly recommend Raz to Krav Maga students of any level.

Ruchoma Cohen

Raz Chen is an incredible teacher. His classes are high octane, full of great lessons, sweat, fun, motivation and inspiration. Raz is creative and patient, making sure all of his students learn in the most safe, efficient, challenging, and enjoyable manner possible.

Elke Weiss

I have been training in Krav Maga under Raz for over two years now, and his influence has been twofold: he is an instructor and a mentor. He is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors I have ever had-as his experience in the IDF, along with training soldiers and civilians, has provided him with an invaluable 360 vision on how to efficiently train beginners and build warriors. Not only does Raz train us to effectively protect ourselves physically, he also provides us with an environment to mentally challenge ourselves to be stronger and wiser than we were yesterday. He is patient but tough, and every training day with him is a day we become stronger.

Jenn Hirst

The world of self-defense and martial arts generally is littered with charlatans…but Raz Chen is the real deal in every way!  First, he possesses a breadth and depth of genuine expertise—grounded in real-life first-hand experience—that few others can rival.  But despite his vast skill and knowledge base, Raz still maintains a humility that is downright awe-inspiring.  Ever the student, Raz’s unique style of training blends relevant teaching across multiple disciplines (stand-up and striking arts, groundgame/grappling, takedowns/wrestling), but does not neglect the critical dimension of situational awareness and victim-aggressor psychology.  What’s more, he is able to apply his expertise at a highly-customized level to personally tailor a training program that fits each of his students, regardless of prior experience, fitness, age, body type, etc.  The lessons you take away are immediately relevant in your day-to-day life, whether walking down a dark alley (which you shouldn’t be doing in the first place!) or learning how to break a fall without breaking your back!  And last but not least, Raz continues to inspire you long after you’ve stepped off the mats, motivating you to aspire for (and attain!) ever-higher goals.  Thank you Raz!!

Yev Gelfand

Raz is an extremely intelligent and humble Krav Maga instructor. He has an excellent eye on helping people become the best version of themselves. He teaches more than just the method of self-defense and martial arts. His coachings are extremely helpful for anyone who wants to enhance their self-confidence and as well as their will power. His generosity and clear communication make it very convenient for his clients to improve and reach their next level. He’s an inspiration to the world.

Sanchit Babbar


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